Courtney Leasing, Inc.
8126 Benrus Street
Orlando, Florida 32827

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About Us

Courtney Leasing, Inc. is dedicated to helping daily rental agencies increase their fleets. We do this by offering:

  • New and Used Vehicle Leasing
  • Sale of Off-Lease Vehicles
  • Direct Sales of New Vehicles

Courtney Leasing, Inc. is focused entirely on the daily rental industry.  We are flexible and will work with you to build your fleet at a pace that is right for you.

We also understand that our success is directly related to your success.  Your car rental business cannot flourish unless your fleet deals prove to be good values.  If we do not think a particular car can be leased cost-effectively, we will not put the vehicle into your fleet. 

Courtney Leasing, Inc., leases an average of 3,500 new and used cars to daily rental agencies every year. We support the success of daily rental companies by offering reasonable monthly lease rates and cost-effective lease buy-out figures.

With us, you do not have to worry about how to sell a car that is “upside-down” when you are ready to take it out of service.  You can return the car to us and go on to your next car deal with no sales-related expense or hassles.

Often our customers find that, with our reasonable capitalized costs, they are able to make a profit at the end of their leases by buying the cars out, then selling them.  With Courtney Leasing, there is never a penalty for buying a car out of its lease.  This gives you the freedom to return OR sell your lease cars when you are ready to downfleet them when their term has expired.

Courtney Leasing, Inc. is your source for second-cycle vehicles. When you need to expand your fleet for the holidays or peak tourist season, we can provide top quality cars with a flexible term.

You want to offer your customers the best value: late model cars, trucks and vans with low mileage. Choose from the best bargains by calling our fleet sales experts.

If you are a fleet dealer or manufacturers representative, Courtney Leasing is interested in hearing about any purchasing opportunities.  We make volume risk purchases and put vehicles into service only with daily rental agencies.

We buy late model inventory by the truckload.  We re-lease the cars to daily rental agencies, so they should be in clean, wholesale condition with 15,000 miles or less.

Our commitment to customer service is priority one!

We’ll work with you to ensure your leasing experience is a positive and cost-effective fleet alternative for your company.